Sculptural Work

I enjoyed creating sculpture long before I discovered polymer clay. When I was in junior high school, I sculpted in wood almost every day, using hand tools. It was very time consuming, and I abandoned it when I moved into high school and more serious academic work.

So it is only natural that I create sculptural work in polymer. Here is a small sampling.

fire dragon
Fire Dragon
I paddle on a dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors and supporters. Dragon boats are like 40 foot canoes with 20 paddlers, sitting two abreast. I created Fire Dragon and Wind Dragon in honor of my team mates on the Machestic Dragons. The vessels on the right honor some of the women I know who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. wind dragon
Wind Dragon

Ms. BC 1

Ms. BC 2
chess set This chess set comes with a hand made hinged board, in polymer backed with masonite. Each of the pieces is individually sculpted. The detail of the white and black pieces are shown at right. The white pieces are dressed in faux abalone and the black pieces in ikat woven garments. white king black king