PolyPeopleTM and PolyAngelsTM

My purpose in life
is to make people smile

The PolyPeopleTM, PolyAngelsTM, and PolyCatsTM are created from polymer clay and recycled or scrap communications wire. I started to make them in 1998 when I was recovering from breast cancer surgery, and have continued to make them because of the effect that they have on people.

faces The faces are not painted, but are created using a technique derived from Venetian millefiore. The faces are made in a log, then a slice of the log is applied to a hand-made bead, then clay in a hair color to go with the wire is applied to the bead. dolls group The PolyPeopleTM started their lives as dolls made from beads. My then nine-year-old niece asked why there were no black little people. Then a friend asked if I could make one that was a guy, and then he needed a dancing partner, and they needed some cats as pets, and then people wanted to wear them.
So I redesigned them with flat dresses so they could easily fit on a jacket lapel. PolyPeople pin with black face Then someone asked if I could make angels. I added wings and a halo and made them either as pins or with loops for hanging. PolyAngel pin with pearl dress A special line of PolyPeopleTM are dancers. The ones with bells are Morris dancers, an English ritual dance style. I only make them on demand from Morris teams, with the colors of their team. I've also made them to look like soccer players with team numbers on their jerseys. dancers I now only make finished PolyPeople on request, allowinhg customers to pick the dress (no 2 alike) and the head that they want, and I finish them on the spot.