Leaf Necklaces

I am inspired by nature, and have been creating leaf necklaces for over 20 years. There are several different types which I make.
These necklaces are made from polymer leaves and scrap communications wire. There are two closures at the back. By removing the center back piece, the necklace may be shortened. This particular necklace has leaves made from translucent polymer with metal leaf, using a technique derived from Japanese metal working called mokume gane (detail right).

Wrap-around leaf necklaces

These necklaces are also made with polymer leaves and recycled or scrap communications wire. The leaves are designed on branches and they have no closure, but are looped or tied around the wearer's neck. Both ends of the necklace have leaves, and they are reversible, as the photograph shows the reverse side of one of the leaves.

These necklaces are wearable sculptures.